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Our Approach to Play!

Psychologist, Jean Piaget said, “Play is the work of childhood.” We strongly believe it, and science supports it. Play-based learning is most effective and helps with continued practice of a skill. (play-based) is a way for you to engage with your baby while supporting their learning at the same time.  

Play is a wonderfully interactive opportunity to engage with your child, follow their lead, and join in whatever they are interested in. It can be a nice breath of fresh air to watch your baby's gaze and join in their play. We encourage parents to make play purposeful by intertwining baby’s interests with milestones. Using toys as tools for intentional play-our book, milestone cards, play packs, eBooks, toys will help you continue to encourage play and learning.  We also offer observations and consultations to help you with goals and play plans, helping child stay interested and motivated in an activity and helps parents support baby’s development at the same time.



Child Development refers to how a child becomes able to do more complex things as they grow through the milestones of development. It is important to be aware what to expect when. 


Development is different than growth. Growth only refers to the child getting bigger in size. When we talk about development we are talking about skills like: Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Language, Cognitive, Social Pragmatic 


Children 0-3years go through a sensorimotor development period also using play to develop awareness in the sensory areas is also so very important.

Play Packs from Discovery Toys make it easy:

We’re combining our most developmentally appropriate and parent friendly play ideas into a simple pack of play ideas for you and your baby.  Each age range will include a developmental guide in the developmental areas and what to do each month. Examples:

  • How to get baby into a certain position

  • Why it’s developmentally appropriate

  • What baby is working on

  • How to add some variation to the play

  • How to support movement, communication and play skills all at once!

  • and more!! 

A simple pack of play toys and ideas based on age


We respect your privacy!

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How do I pick toys for kids?

Let me help you make toy selection simple!

Choosing the right toy-does it fit every child?

I follow these simple steps:

#1-What is the age of the child?

#2-What developmental stage is that child in? (Milestone cards can help here)

#3-What is the child interested in? What is FUN for the child?

#4-Do I have a goal or a play plan for that child-do I want to use the toy as a tool to teach? Or do I want a toy for leisure-what’s the difference?

#5- If I want a toy to teach-what do I want to teach? - Is the toy interactive (child/adult) to use together and how do I use that toy -what activities can I do?

#6-And I want a toy to do more than one thing-multiple uses of that toy and can I stretch the toy with household items.

#7-Is the toy safe (does it pass the small parts cylinder test)


If you would like a FREE toy guide on your child or grandchild please email me:  or if you need me to do a more individualized toy/play observation/assessment on your child click on the link below (comes with a handout and recommendation sheet)


Let me help you select the right toys! Great for Birthdays and Holidays!! 

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